The Top 5 Secrets to Learning Spanish

Learning a new language, especially if you're going it alone, can be a challenge! Here are 5 of our favorite tips for new and experienced learners alike.


1. Study regularly

Remember exams in high school or university? Chances are you did a lot of last-minute studying. How well did it ever work?

Studies have shown that a little bit of study at a time, on a regular basis, is more beneficial to learning than prolonged infrequent stretches. Even one short 15-minute lesson a day will get you on the road to learning Spanish!


2. Practice with friends

Just like any other activity, practicing Spanish is more fun with a friend! Find someone you can have practice conversations with, then challenge each other to express yourselves using only Spanish for a certain period of time. Even set up a friendly competition to who complete the most lessons for the longest number of consecutive days!

Don't know anyone else who's learning Spanish? Try checking out local community centers, libraries, and churches to find a study or conversation group in your hometown.

listen headphones.jpg

3. Listen, listen, listen

Get an ear for the language. Native Spanish speakers talk with a rapid cadence, which can take some getting used to. Listening to podcasts, Spanish television, and popular Latin American music can be a great supplement to your learning.


4. Make mistakes

It almost goes without saying that you'll stumble a little bit when you're first learning. Don't be afraid to make mistakes! Not only is it completely normal, but mistakes help you learn: if you make a gaffe in practice and laugh at yourself, you'll be less likely to repeat it in real life.


5. Be patient!

Did you know mastery of a skill takes 10,000 hours? Even if you're not looking to become a Spanish pro, conversational skills take time to build. Every 20 minute study session gets you that much closer to your Spanish learning goals!


Have a Spanish learning tip you'd like to see us cover? Please share in the comments below!